Note: This features is only available to teachers on a School Account.

As a teacher, it’s important to make sure that your students are focusing on the right content at the right time – Classes and Allocations makes that super easy. The first step to getting started is creating your first class.

1. From your dashboard, click on the Classes link in the left hand side menu. 

(If you’re on a mobile, click on the menu icon in the top right hand corner of your screen to reveal the menu.)

Click the blue Create Class button on the right hand side.

3. Enter a name for your class, and select the appropriate year group, subject and teachers for your class.

Note: You'll only be able to create classes for the subjects that you have on your own profile. If you need to edit your subjects you can always contact us for help.

4. Click on the blue Create Class button and you’re done!

You’ll now see your new class in your list of classes.


Adding Students to a Class

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