• It’d be downright cruel if you allocated an awesome Atomi video to a student only for them to find out they don’t have permission to watch it. For this reason you can only allocate a lesson to a student (or class) if they have the necessary subject on their profile to view it.
  • A video allocation will be considered ‘complete’ when a student watches more than 80% of a video, because, let’s be honest, that’s close enough…
  • You can only allocate a video to classes OR to individual students – not both at the same time.

1. If you navigate to any Atomi video you will see a blue Allocate Video button at the bottom left of the video player.

2. To allocate a video to an entire class start typing the class name into the Allocate to classes box and select the correct class from the drop down list that appears.

3. To allocate a video to a student, start typing their name into the OR allocate to an individual student box and select the correct student(s) from the drop down list that appears.

Please note: If you can’t find the class or student you’re looking for, make sure that they’ve been added to your account and have the necessary subject on their profile to view the video you’re trying to allocate.

4. Once you’ve entered all the classes OR students you wish to allocate the video to, click on the blue Next button to continue.

5. Optional settings:

Add a Message: If you’d like, you can add an additional message to your video allocation in the message field.

Set a Due Date:
You can also choose to set the date and time that your students must have watched the video by.

Set a Reminder:
If you’ve chosen to set a due date, you can also choose to set an automatic reminder. This will send a follow up notification to any students that haven’t watched the video when the due date is fast approaching. For best effect, we recommend setting the reminder to one hour before your allocations is due.

When you’re done click on the blue Allocate button to complete your video allocation.

7. You can view the allocations you've made, including which students have watched the videos and when they are due, from your allocations page by clicking the menu item on the left hand side of the page.

8. Click on the blue students link to see a breakdown of the allocations view stats.

You can see who has and who has not watched the allocated videos.

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